How do we order seafood?

For pickup in our store, simply email or phone us with your order.

rufusashgrove@gmail.com| 07 3409 7224 (Straddie) | 07 3366 2526 (Ashgrove)

For a seafood delivery on the mainland, email us your order, address and contact number and we’ll respond with the details.

Where is your seafood van located on the mainland?
It varies weekly. If you would like to find out more, simply join our email list to receive weekly updates.

How do I keep updated as to where your seafood van is located?
Simply join our email list. You’ll receive weekly updates.

Do you home deliver?
Yes, in Brisbane. Express your interest by sending us an email to rufusashgrove@gmail.com and we’ll add you to our schedule.

If we haven’t covered your area in our schedule or you have a special function or event you’d like seafood for, please send us an email expressing your interest and we’ll respond to you.

Do you wholesale seafood?
Please speak with Braydon 07 3366 2526.

Are your prawns local Australian and are they unloaded/caught daily?
Our prawns are caught locally in the shallow and deep waters off North Stradbroke Island. Eastern Ocean King prawns are the local species caught. The trawlers are dictated by the weather, therefore if the conditions don’t lend themselves to trawling, they cannot work.

What do you have in stock?
Please phone our respective store, as this changes daily depending on supply.

Are your fish fillets fresh?
Yes. We do not defrost fish. We do however sell frozen cryovaced fish fillets that are snap/blast frozen on premises. These are a good option if you’re stocking your home freezer. Blast freezing seafood is a far better option than home freezing (freezes faster and preserves quality and flavour).

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